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        Homepage > PRODUCT CENTER > ROAD MACHINERY > PAVER > SCMC ABG Series-ABG8620B Paver
        SCMC ABG Series-ABG8620B Paver


        1. German original 182kW Deutz electronic diesel engine, strong power, emission complies with Europe Ⅲ / State Ⅲ standard.
        2. Independent composite cooling system can be adapted to the ambient temperature of up to 55℃.
        3. The automatic tensioning system provides a more balanced drive of the no-maintenance track on both sides.
        4. Electronic paving management system based on CAN bus is simple and easy to operate; SMART smart power mode accommodates 80% of paving work and therefore reduces fuel consumption by up to 15%.
        5. Automatic leveling system has unique and multiple control methods with direct application.
        6. High compactness double tamper screed plate has the super-multi-functional properties that can both pave asphalt and pave cement stabilized materials.
        7. Super-long and large hopper can meet a variety unloading of super-large dump trucks. The inversion of the scraper chain can solve the material jamming. The distributor is hydraulically raised to quickly meet the change in paving thickness.
        8. It has uniquely paving operation ability on 4800m ultra high altitude area.



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